Burundi Nemba Green Beans

Burundi Nemba Green Beans

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Burundi Dukorere Ikawa Cooperative:

Looking like two specks of rice on the map of Africa, Burundi and neighboring Rwanda bear remarkable similarities in their coffee production, one of the mainstays of both economies. Both countries are landlocked and the trade routes out towards ports and shipping routes are complex and dangerous. They are also close-to-ideal for coffee production owing to proximity to the equator, altitude, rich, volcanic loam soil, abundant rainfall and hard-working, conscientious farmers.


Much foreign aid has poured in over the last couple decades and the while both Burundi and Rwanda remain two of the poorest countries in the world, they are on the upswing.

The Kayanza region where this coffee comes from is a northern region, near the Rwandan border.


Coffee Details


Harvest Year 2016-2017
Continental Region East Africa
Country Burundi
Region Kayanza
1. Process Fully-Washed
1. Grade FW 15+
2. Grade Specialty
Screen Size 15+
1. Varietal % of mix 100% Bourbon
Elevation 1818 M
Lot Type Single Washing Station
Drying Method Sun Dried
Farm Nemba Washing Station

Quality Score86

Cupping Notes:  Fruit Rind, Citrusy, Tart, Orange, Spice, Floral Finish